суббота, 23 июля 2011 г.

берёзовое колечко) серебро

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  1. Alexander, I look at this ring and think that its wearer would be a person who likes simple over fancy things, unique items that make a statement, they care about nature, they are strong and creative. (Robert Redford comes to mind, but I can think of others!)

    I imagine this one piece could make you famous, if you aren't already! I think it would sell at a very good price if it came to the right people's attention. I don't know you well, so you may already be marketing to millionaires...or you may not care to...but regardless, I really like this piece! Congrats on creating it!

    Best wishes,

  2. Thank you,Sharyl!

    I am still just a beginner jeweler, and yet I do not think about fame, I do these things tend for my friends.

    Besides, I live far from big cities, I was born and work now in a small and quiet town.

    Thank you for your feedback, good luck in your work!

    p.s. sorry for my english :)

  3. Alexander--I'm new to selling my jewelry too--just started this Spring. However, I've been giving it away to family and friends for many years. It's just a joy to make and share with others. And, luckily, I've gotten a little better through the practice and hopefully will continue to learn more!

    Whatever the circumstances though, I'd say you have VERY FORTUNATE friends! Each piece of jewelry I've seen from you has been creative, artistic, lovely! Continued best wishes! Looking forward to your next piece!