вторник, 5 июля 2011 г.

"птицы на проводах". браслет. кожа, серебро, жемчуг, чёрный агат.

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  1. The "Birds on the Wires" bracelet is so lovely and creative! How do you come up with your ideas?! --Sharyl

    Sharyl's Jewelry & Reflections

  2. Thanks so much, Sharyl!
    Concerning the ideas, that's just the actual life around. There's a wire line right near my windows. That's where I've spied it.
    Associasions. Like those you show at your page. You're mostly inspired by flowers, aren't you?

  3. Ah, yes! (Somehow I missed this reply when you first posted it, Alexander, but was looking back over your page, hoping to get another look at your jewelry.) Yes, you are exactly right about that! Now it's even more special to know why you made the "birds on the wires" bracelet. I can imagine your birds, half-way around the world.

    Peace. Hope you are well.